Jane Austen — You Ruined My Life!

An interview of a Janeite by  via @DarkJaneAusten

Today we are please to introduce writer Susan Krause as she shares how her introduction to Jane Austen with an unlikely reading suggestion from her father.



Dear Jane Austen, most admired and beloved writer,

Every month, my parents gave us a book-of-the-month to read. They would tailor it to each child’s personality. In my formative years, I was more of a tomboy who would rather eat dirt than read any book. I grew up with my parents telling me that ‘if I didn’t start acting like a lady, no boy would want to marry me’. What of this to do with me, I thought? I ignored their future visions of marital bliss and continued along my silly road of rebellious tomfoolery.

The presenting of my newest read came after a delicious supper of scones as dessert. My father handed a novel called Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I read the prologue and was utterly appalled and grieved at the heart! I was to read a 17th-century witty romance novel. My brothers were to read a C.S. Lewis series, my eldest sister was handed an Agatha Christie mystery novel. Why on earth did I get a romance novel? Are the shades of this brummie brat thus to be polluted? 

How absurd, how meanly I thought of my parents!  How dare they serve me my favorite dessert as if to butter-me-up! Ironically, the title was most appropriate, I showed much pride and prejudice towards such a  ridiculous book and its author! Blimey Jane Austen! There was no way possible such a young girl, to whom in her time was not allowed to wear trousers, would have a clue about love and adult relationships!

I began right from Chapter 1, page 1, first line: It is a truth universally acknowledge that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.. (dear Lord, did my Dad write this line or Jane?).  In any case, I continued through the book with a ravishing speed. From the antics of Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Darcy’s snobbery,  Mr. Bingley’s love of Jane, to the rebellious behaviour of Lydia—Pride and Prejudice was a fantastic book! The novel was witty, humorous, scandalous and romantic! Never before had a book opened by literary eyes in a most profound manner.

Jane Austen –you ruined my life…for the better!

I was bestowed soon thereafter, that Jane wrote more books, poems, letters, and prayers. I read them all, studied them all, and devoured all-things Austenesque. I began to develop a clear understanding of being a woman and a writer. Jane Austen helped me to understand the faults, follies, loves, and terms of endearment in relationships. I began to people watch, to observe their behaviour and to sit in silence with just my pen, writing pad and my imagination.

I thank my parents for introducing me to Austen and I thank most ardently Jane Austen for helping develop propriety both in person and in writing.

Austenesque love to all,



2 comments on “Jane Austen — You Ruined My Life!

  1. What a well-written Austenesque experience! You have turned out to be a witty and charming writer like Jane herself! Keep up your good work and we look forward to your book series when it becomes available! ~The ManVsBooksClub

    • Aww bless you friends! It’s an honour to be compared to Jane Austen! What an unique and talented writer! Thank you for all your support and I am happy to share my job with you all! ~SK of The Brumshiretales

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