The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

This is a true story of a young Jewish girls’ found diary. Discovered in the attic in which she spent the last years of her life, Anne Frank’s remarkable diary has since become a world classic—a powerful reminder of the horrors of war and an eloquent testament to the human spirit. In 1942, with Nazis occupying Holland, this thirteen-year-old Jewish girl and her family fled their home in Amsterdam and went into hiding.

For the next two years, until their whereabouts were betrayed to the Gestapo, they and another family lived cloistered in the “Secret Annex” of an old office building. Cut off from the outside world, they faced hunger, boredom, the constant cruelties of living in confined quarters, and the ever-present threat of discovery and death. In her diary Anne Frank records vivid impressions of her experiences during this period.

I visited the Anne Frank house in Holland. I went through the secret book case, up the narrow stairs to the secret annex. As my hands graced the side of the walls for balance, each step I took, I could feel Anne Frank’s haunting feeling of fear, awe and the weight of prejudice.

In honour of Anne Frank and the many who were affected by the Holocaust, this book is a FIVE-STAR read that will never be forgotten.


2 comments on “The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

  1. Susan, thank you for putting this book on your top 10 must-read book list! It is a book that changed many lives and has never let us forgot the accountabillity of loss of innocent people during the holocaust. Thank you for including your own personal emotional feelings of when you visited the Anne Frank House. Great great entry and recommendation! ~The ManVsBooksClub

    • The story of Anne Frank hits home for my family and I. My family risked their lives to hide Jews during war II. The story of Anne and visting where she lived brought the truth to life for the younger generation of my family. We have not forgotten and will always remain humbled by her extraordinary experience. ~SK of The Brumshiretales

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