Susan Krause is a writer from Birmingham, England. She has a post graduate and masters degree in political science and economics. She currently works in foreign affair logistics and journalism for developing nations.

She is an avid reader, writer, golfer and has a passion for english football, NBA, coffee, sweets and scones.

Susan is currently awaiting the publication of her first young adult series based on childhood life stories and adventures. The Brumshire Tales are due for release in the Fall 2012.


Ms. Krause is presently working on a mystery story with her sister called No Ordinary World. The novel is based on natural disasters that cause more than just earthly turmoil.




5 comments on “Biography

  1. Looking forward to a great read, “Brumshire Tales” love the title, and very intrigued with the concept of a YA book, based on childhood life stories and adventures. As Brothers Grimm fan’s, this is too exciting to wait for!

    • Aww bless you Inion! To be placed in the same sentence as them is an honour in itself! Truly, thank you for that. It is the Brothers Grimm’s stories I grew up reading: Cinderalla, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and countless others…they’re tales have lived longer than them! I hope The Brumshiretales will continue in the hearts of many too… ~SK of The Brumshiretales

    • Thank you Cinta for your support. It means a lot to me. I have enjoyed reading your blog too and getting to know you. Welcome to England and looking forward to our meeting in person! Cheers ~SK of Brumshiretales

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